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Sean Andres is an entrepreneur and freelancer in the music industry. His businesses are manifestations of his desire for healthier business practices within the industry. As a freelancer, Sean is a multi-instrumentalist and works in event production.


Taproot Drums is an instrument manufacturer that provides eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to the exotic/endangered hardwoods that have been over-poached for decades.

As a freelancer Sean has held various festival production roles including Production Technician, Assistant Stage Manager, Logistics Coordinator, and Production Intern for festivals such as the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts and the Breckenridge Music Festival.


Sean is an active musician, both as a solo artist and with his Pop-Punk band “Avenue K”. He has performed/recorded as a vocalist, guitarist, vibraphonist, and percussionist with various bands, orchestras, and wind symphonies across the Northeastern United States.


Sean developed his businesses at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Advanced Certificate Program for Music Entrepreneurship. and has a B.M. in Music Business from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. 

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